Summer 2014 Golf Outings


As summer comes to a close we reflect on the highs and (mostly) lows of our golf games. Even though we don’t often win we always have a great time with friends and family. In 2014 we supported Luther College Softball, Grand View Wrestling and the Joe Middleton Memorial Scholarship. We look forward to these [...]


This 1978 Ford Served My Business 20 Years

1978 key

Antique Ford Testimonials I’ve been buying vehicles from Rost Motor for decades.  In fact, I have an old 1978 Ford that served my business 20 years before I retired it.  It still runs today. I had a tool bench inside the vehicle which allowed me to travel and do most any work.  Most often I [...]


Jim Walstrom’s Rost Motor Experience

Jim and Julie Walstrom and there New 2014 Escape

My Positive Experience At Rost Motor I am a Manson High School classmate, teammate, and friend of the Rost Brothers.  My social, educational, religious, professional and athletic experiences in Manson were rewarding and most enjoyable! I feel a deep debt to the community for providing such a safe and unique proving grounds for my life.  [...]


Supporting The Manson Fire Department


Hard earned money for hard working guys! Bernie and Josh present Manson Fire Chief John Colshan and Assistant Chief Dave Anderson with a check for $2080 our most recent Drive 4 UR Community Test Drive event! With this check, Rost Motor has now raised over $8400 benefitting Manson Fire Department and Manson Ambulance Service. Both groups will be [...]


Leo Rost Honored As A WW2 Veteran


When the 101st Mechanized Cavalry Division took over a small town in southern Germany in 1945, Leo Rost said they believed the enemy fire had stopped. “When we took this town over, it had been neutralized for a few hours,” Rost said. But around 11 a.m. that April morning, they realized that wasn’t the case. [...]